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The story behind WTP Buynamics

Adding evidence makes a big difference during negotiations. Companies which use fact-based arguments save between 5% and 20% when compared to negotiating in a conservative manner. We at WTP Buynamics are buyers and not IT people. Based on our own extensive experience within procurement we have built a pragmatic tool that makes life easier. The tool is intuitive, and extensive training is not required. Team WTP Buynamics is extremely pragmatic and so is the tool. The outcome of a WTP simulation fits on a one-pager full of substantive information with which you can enter the negotiation full of confidence and authority. We founded the company in 2014 due to frustrations over the fact that purchasing has a huge data backlog in comparison to sales. But that is over now, let the fun begin.

About VRS

WTP is a product of WTP Buynamics, pragmatic software by and for buyers. We are also specialised in supplier performance and vendorating. Click on the VRS Buynamics logo to visit our website and learn more about our Vendor Rating Software solution.

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About WTP Buynamics B.V.

Do you want to learn more about our parent company? Visit the website of WTP Buynamics B.V.

Meet our Team

Robert DriessenFounder & CEO

Photo Robert Driessen Founder en CEO WTP Whats The Price

Jan-Paul PliegerFounder & Vendor Rating Specialist

Photo Jan-Paul Plieger Founder en Vendor Rating Specialist WTP Whats The Price

Nico BontenbalFounder & IT Manager

Photo Nico Bontenbal Founder en IT Manager WTP Whats The Price

Vabine OpendorpOffice Manager

Photo Vabine Oppendorp Office Manager WTP Whats The Price

Annabel SevenheckQuality Controller

Photo Annabel Sevenheck WTP Whats The Price

Auke KooijCommodity Digger

Photo Auke Kooij WTP Whats The Price

Cesar te NijenhuisMachine Learner

Photo Cesar te Nijenhuis wtp whats the price

Jan FieggenGeschäftsführer Deutschland

Photo Jan Fieggen wtp whats the price

Jan ValkhofShould Cost Trainer

Photo Jan Valkhof Should Cost Trainer WTP Whats The Price

Joyce de FijterCommodity Searcher

Photo joyce de fijter wtp whats the price

Kelly VogelContent Manager

Photo Kelly Vogel WTP Whats The Price

Pieter SwartsIndustrial Partner

Photo Pieter Swarts WTP Whats The Price

Spijk GeeneBusiness Innovator

Photo Spijk WTP Whats The Price

Yorick van der SteenCreative Strategist

Photo Yorick van der Steen WTP Whats The Price

Pepijn HockersSoftware Developer

Jeroen MaasBusiness Developer


Michael DelleBusiness Developement Germany

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Guido TheunissenHappy Customers

Guido Picture

Ferhat UensalStrategic Advisor

Werknmer Ferhat Uensal

KhoaChief Development

Photo dang nguyen wtp whats the price

ThangSenior Software Developer

Photo thang wtp whats the price

MinhSoftware Developer

Photo ming wtp whats the price

TamAssociate Tester

Photo tam nguyen wtp whats the price