Curious about the WTP team? Meet Nico, he is one of the founders & IT Manager at WTP Buynamics.

Let us share with you why Nico is THE IT specialist.

When he was a little Nico all of his friends played games at the Commodore 64. (For all of you Millennials out there, this is an 8 bit home computer which you had to hook up to your television.) But Nico did not only play games, he found it far more interesting to figure out how it worked and started programming it.

During an extensive education in computer science he had a side job at a law firm where he built his first database in Excel and later on excelled in the workings of Microsoft Access. And excelled means, that even the Microsoft helpdesk would call him to ask for help with complex questions.

At this law firm he wrote his final thesis and after that he started doing projects for several companies. For his first assignment he had to register at the Chamber of Commerce and they kept on coming in.

During his career he did several projects at companies like Shell, Rabobank, O’Neil Europe and Royal Philips. It was at these companies that he build large databases to streamline complicated processes  and produce (ad hoc) reports.

At one point he was asked to help out with the software and database behind VRS  and he met Jan-Paul. At that time VRS Buynamics had several products.
The tool as is currently is; supplier assessment, a tool to compare prices for purchasing groups and sister companies and a commodity database. Nico and Jan-Paul love to think out software and build useful tools for whatever ‘problem’ a buyer could have.

After working together for about six months Jan Paul and Robert shared their ideas and the three of them started building WTP.

Some more about Nico
So now that it is apparent what it is what makes WTP and VRS tic, here’s something you might not expect. Nico has a real passion for building sandcastles. Fascinating! The real deal, with tools and everything. So when he’s not behind his laptop in the attic building WTP <or as our sketch artist likes to portrait him, see image below> you will find him at the Dutch coast… where he and his family enjoy the sun and sand.

nico at work