Curious about the WTP team? Meet Robert, he is one of the founders & CEO (aka Director of Fair Negotiations) at WTP Buynamics.

Obviously this didn’t happen overnight ?

Robert started his career as a marketeer, with a focus on product range management. After a management traineeship at a large wholesaler, he got hooked on purchasing. Why? Because it suited his natural commercial abilities. Also, he felt that as a purchaser he could make a large impact on the strategy and profitability of a company.

Fast forward through his career he held several management functions at a number of retail and wholesale companies. Besides the Purchasing department he was also responsible for Sales and Marketing.

At various strategic sessions he would be labelled as the creative and entrepreneurial factor in the team. And some years later he actually started to believe he might be just that, an entrepreneur.

What’s The Price

Throughout the years, he found himself frustrated by the fact that as a purchaser he always seemed to have a disadvantage in negotiations. Because the selling party would have data to base their negotiations on. So… he started to collect data. Primarily as a hobby and for the benefit of his own negotiations.

Jan-Paul Plieger, a then former colleague, shared his frustrations and had a large set of relevant data himself. They started to combine forces and at some point they felt that this could benefit the entire purchasing community. It felt sort of wrong to keep it for themselves, combined with the fact that they saw a good business model in it. So, in came Nico Bontenbal, IT specialist extraordinaire. The 3 of them started to develop software in order to structure all of this data.

At this point it all came together. After 20 years of being in approximately 4430 negotiations and spending about 6 billion for the companies he worked for, Robert, Jan Paul and Nico founded What’s the Price.

The fundaments of the company are based on LEAN principles combined with lots of fun, entrepreneurship and freedom. And of course, all important, DATA.

Robert says: I have the chance to do what I love, what I believe in AND work with people in whom I see something, and believe in. While having as much fun as possible. We work hard and the sky is the limit, literally anything goes.

Some more about Robert

Currently, in collaboration with third parties such as NEVI and IMCC, Robert is also a keynote speaker and a teacher in the Purchasing community.

On a more personal level, he loves to discover new music. Listens to approximately 100 new albums per month. Suffers from a severe case of music-induced FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Anything and everything that is new in alternative Pop & Rock, 70’s Rock and/or in the Singer Songwriter genre, cannot be missed.

When he started to talk about how the Spotify algorithm works and serves him up with the best new bands and singers, well… we had to stop him there, or this piece would become too long.

Want to get to know Robert personally, or learn more about WTP Buynamics? Please contact us!