Get insight in the cost price of every product in less than 5 minutes.

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For Who is WTP?

WTP (What’s The Price) is extremely suitable for wholesalers and retailers, where purchasers have to manage a wide range of products. However, WTP is also interesting for manufacturers who buy components and service providers with facility management. Our current clientele includes all these types of companies.

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What’s in it for me?

Photo Robert Le Loux CPO Fetim Group
Since I’ve started using WTP I’ve gained many insights into the separate sectors and the correct pricing within them. It has given me a huge advantage during negotiations with suppliers. Due to WTP we now focus on the should cost price instead of the purchasing price. These insights give you a lot of authority and provide a different dimension to negotiations. The suppliers can no longer get away with the way they currently conduct business by overcharging their customers. Once again, it’s been proven that knowledge is power…
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There’s a better way to negotiate. Get insight in the cost price of every product in less than 5 minutes. Discover the hidden buying opportunities in your business.

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